Reviving This Blog

It has been nearly three years since I wrote the first and only blog entry here. I had much that I wanted to explore, but I found myself with so many questions that I was unable to clearly express anything I felt was worthwhile. During the past three years, however, I have had the time to think through a lot of the questions that once overwhelmed me. I have done a good deal of research, and I have found good books to read and discuss as a clear means of communication and expression of the complications of both the questions and ways of understanding possible answers, regarding the subtleties of creativity’s nature, and how we are part of it.

So I will be posting more blogs in the near future. They may not be fully in line with the methodology discussed in my first post, but what I will do will be in the same spirit–and the ideas and topics in terms of creativity specific to art or creativity in other contexts will, I think, show to make sense once creativity is approached through its fundamental nature.

If anyone has any comments, questions, or reading suggestions, I would very much welcome and appreciate it.

In the next post I will discuss a couple books I will be examining and start to explore how fundamental relationships of creativity can be made sense of as a whole through the parts of what creativity is in its vital being.


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