Being Ready to Write about Creativity: Four (plus) Years of Questions

Creativity is something I became interested in over a decade ago through love of and engagement in the arts. After several years of focusing on creativity as something primarily related to the arts, I started to understand how it is relevant to many other areas of life. A little over four years ago, I had the idea of becoming a creativity consultant. Through thinking about what it would mean in practice to be one, all the skills and knowledge I would have to have, I began to think more and more about what creativity is and how what it is can be communicated to a diverse range of people in a large variety of settings. It was with this intention that I started this blog a little over three years ago.

Since that time, I have spent many many more hours thinking about these questions, wanting to get back online and write some clear answers to share with others. The more I thought, however, the more I realized not only the complexity of what is involved with answering questions about the nature of creativity and how people can be become more creative, but I started to feel the heavy weight of what it might mean if someone read something I wrote and believed me. It was clear to me that taking on this task was a huge responsibility because in no way did I want to misrepresent what is involved or misguide anyone. I also did not want to impose my own philosophy of creativity, but rather I wanted to be able to help others become aware of creativity within themselves on their own terms.

Figuring out how to think about and then communicate what can be helpful about creativity in this clear and open way has taken all of those three plus years since the first post on here, the year before it (as well as all my experience before that), and additional six or so months. About six months ago, I posted on here again, feeling like I was closer to doing what I had set out, but that was slightly premature; I had to go through more experiences and change some directions in my own life to be able to stopping looking only at the abstract and to start to focus on people more directly in ways that were practical, while still taking account of the more abstract issues. This brings me, and us, up to date to right now writing this post where with this new focus I am able to put the ideas that I have spent so much time thinking about into a framework that works. So I am going to, in a big way, revitalize this blog as I intended. This post with be followed almost immediately by another because I am going to start doing what I intended instead of talking about doing so. And I plan on getting another ten or so posts done in the next few weeks.

Before I start writing the next post, I want to lead into it a bit and say something specific about creativity. Creativity can be taught if it is looked at for what it is without artificial attempts at categorizing it and without the unnecessary various lenses of specific academic disciplines (I will clarify how it can be taught and the entire statement more in future posts). While specific work in specialized fields on creativity is valuable, it will not allow for a fundamental view that is also practical if the specialized view is the only perspective. So what I am going to say about creativity isn’t meant to be academic, or self-help—or anything other than what is most clear and practical, what is communication of the nature of creativity in its fundamental state in as far as it is useful to people. I fully believe that creativity is available to everyone. And I additionally believe that creativity is relevant to many areas of life where creativity has not been normally valued as important. All this might seem like a lot of big statements, but I am not claiming ultimate authority, nor do I think it would be good to listen to anyone who did claim such a perspective; what I am claiming is that if you think about creativity in these ways, there is a real life relationship to increasing creative possibilities through doing so. There are many useful perspectives on creativity, but here in this blog I am interested in breaking down categories and focusing on usefulness in all aspects of life, on interacting in the world and how one can approach creativity on a day to day basis. I am interested in how one can stop getting caught up in yet more barriers to creative possibility. I am interested in building a framework where real ground can be walked on.

Please always feel free to ask questions that you would like me to specifically address in this blog and to suggest ideas for future blog posts on topics or ideas that you would like me to discuss in depth.


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